What is Proinfocus Education Server 2010?

Organizing and managing various activities efficiently with no automation will result in duplication, errors which are not acceptable in this era. Proinfocus Education Server 2010 brings the power to do all those things you did manually, in a simple, efficient and productive manner.

Who can opt to implement Proinfocus Education Server 2010?

Universities, Educational Societies/Trusts or Individual Colleges can opt to implement and it comes with revelent editions suited to different set of clients. University Edition can be implemented by Universities and Education Societies/Trusts. College Edition can be implemented by Individual colleges.

How Proinfocus Education Server 2010 can be implemented?

It is implemented in 2 ways. License to University/Societies to implemented either on their Intranet environment or on the Internet. Proinfocus, can also host this application on its own server and manage for the client. The client has to bear hosting charges in addition to the License fee for opting the application.

Is Proinfocus Education Server 2010 effective?

The application delivers productivity without compromising simplicity of use. With its well designed and tested application architecture, the client is sure to benefit right from the month is gets started. Check out the features that you can look for your organization.